Leica – Optically especially appealing

Wednesday, 04.06.2014 at 11.05 pm on n-tv 

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The company Leica Kamera AG celebrated the 100th anniversary of the original Leica, the first ever 35 mm camera, by opening its new headquarters in Wetzlar in the central German state of Hesse. With this, the world-renowned camera maker has come full circle, because it was from here that the first Leica, invented in 1914 by Oskar Barnack, the head of its experimental workshop at the time, began its international career. The most famous photographers of the 20th century worked with the camera, elevating these five letters to the realms of art.

Leica is also about the blossoming and brief decline of a German company. Just ten years ago, this traditional brand was on the brink of ruin. Then Andreas Kaufmann came along, a Salzburg heir to millions, who embarked on the adventure of bringing the clinically dead cult brand back to life.