Porsche 911 – Legend, Present, Future

Icon – a legend on wheels – sports car par excellence …?

The Porsche 911 is more than 50 years old – but for many, the 911 will always be the only true Porsche, no matter when it was built.

In September 1963, Porsche presented the successor to the 356 at the IAA in Frankfurt. Since 2012, the seventh generation of the Nine-Eleven has been available in the form of the 991 Series. Even the untrained eye can see that the silhouette has hardly changed over the past 50 years.

On the engineering level, however, nothing is as it used to be: the 130 brake horse power of the original model has increased to 350, the engine capacity has gone from 2 up to 3.4 litres, and the air-cooled boxer engine has given way to a water-cooled version. Neverthess, the Nine Eleven has remained true to Ferry Porsche’s underlying concept: “short, light-weight, rear engine”.

The screenwriter Ulf Thomas compares the original 901 with the current basic model, and then continues this exercise through all the generations of the Nine Eleven: the first 911 S in 1967 and today’s S model; the first Targa and the current Targa – again with the metal roll-bar, the first convertible, the first four-wheel drive, the first turbo …

Contemporary witnesses, managers, designers, engineers and racing drivers – they all describe their encounters with the iconic sports car. Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, the youngest son on the company’s founder Ferry Porsche, brother of the 911 designer “Butzi” Porsche, and chairman of Porsche’s supervisory board, gives an exclusive account of his experiences with the Nine Eleven – from the early days to the present.

Everyone who encounters the Porsche 911, who drives one or is simply a fan of the iconic sports car, agrees that the 911 is here to stay – the exciting question remains, what technology will be found inside it in the future.